Marco Gouveia

Designer, developer and help desk consultant


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I am an independent professional based in England and dedicated to Web design, iOS apps development and Help desk consultancy.

With my clients needs in mind I provide high-quality bespoke solutions.

Web design: I develop websites entirely from code providing custom content management systems and databases. The main technologies used are: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap and jQuery.

iOS Apps Development: My apps are developed entirely in XCode using Objective-C as the main language. The testing platform I use is I have experience developing App Store apps and Enterprise apps.

Help Desk Consultancy: I have a strong background in Help desk and I have provided services to Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab for five years. I am known for being the go-to guy for computer issues. I am very flexible and available outside office hours.

My main goal is to make my clients happy and comfortable to approach me anytime they like.

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