I am international, multiskilled, highly adaptable and customer-focused. I have experience in training, content development, data analysis and visualization, IT support and UAT (User Acceptance Tests).

I am interested in technologies that simplify modern life. I am a Portuguese citizen, holder of a UK driving license and granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom via the EU Settlement Scheme.

Career Profile

March 2021 - Present | Jisc, Manchester

Technical Support Analyst

I am part of the Customer insight & development team / Data analytics directorate. I support members, customers, and staff with the use of our data products and services.
Key responsibilities
  • To provide technical support on issues, find solutions and work on the systems across service/product components.
  • Mentor and train less experienced staff in the team for backup, cross-service support, and resilience.
  • Ensure service requests are successfully and accurately identified, categorised, prioritised, diagnosed, escalated (when applicable) and managed.
  • Contribute to the identification and implementation of continuous improvements to the quality of the service, liaising regularly with service delivery, development, management and/or technical teams.
  • Undertake UAT (User acceptance tests) of any new functionality or changes to the service – e.g., Tableau server upgrades

Key achievements/projects
  • Developed an automated test suite that runs after monthly patches released for Windows servers to ensure our products are unaffected and running smoothly for our customers. The test suite was developed using Ruby, Selenium, and various other pieces of software. Results of the tests are fed into a Jira ticket, with screenshots, videos and passing status.
  • Worked with our former training consultant and supported the creation of synthetic data sets so prospective members can try our products before committing to subscriptions.

June 2018 - March 2021 | Askham Bryan College, Newton Rigg Centre (Penrith)

Quality and eLearning Coordinator | Since October 2019

My role is to improve staff proficiency in using eLearning tools by delivering training, ad-hoc technical support and developing and distributing instructional documents and videos. I provide support to directors and managers to help them make business decisions maximising the use of IT platforms and systems to increase performance and productivity in a fast moving environment.

Key Responsibilities

  • To act as an administrator for the College eLearning platform (Moodle), and to provide advice on its application.
  • To induct, train, and provide ongoing support to staff on the use of the platform and to keep records of all staff training and competence levels.
  • To research new learning technologies and work with staff in an advisory capacity to support promotion and training.
  • To assist the processing, organisation and recording of a range of business data from central systems.
  • To monitor and support service level standards across the College.
  • To support implementation of Office 365, Microsoft Teams and other digital opportunities to enhance curriculum and business support areas.

Key achievements/projects

  • I have developed bespoke eLearning reports using MySQL queries in Moodle with a customised frontend developed in JavaScript.
  • Developed dashboards with data pulled from existing systems (mixing csv files, Excel spreadsheets and other sources) via Microsoft Power BI which helped directors and managers to make informed decisions.
  • Designed and managed a project to provide a mobile app to students. I have developed a few mock-ups using Adobe XD. This is still in the planning stage.
  • During the COVID isolation period I supported and trained teaching staff and students to use all tools available to continue with remote lessons.

Student Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator | February 2019 - October 2019

Actively worked to increase recruitment numbers for the Newton Rigg Centre.

Key responsibilities

  • To manage social media accounts for the Newton Rigg centre
  • To liaise and visit schools and participate in assemblies and career fairs promoting the College
  • To take part in events related to the land-based industry
  • Produce artwork to be used in printed materials and social media (I mainly used Adobe Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects)

Key achievement/projects

  • Increased the level of engagement in the college social media accounts via delivering unique posts to the various channels on a daily basis. Instagram grew from 200 followers to 1000+ during the period.
  • Developed a recruitment dashboard in Power BI with an overview of recruitment numbers throughout the UK on a map view mixing data sourced from SQL Reporting Services.

Timetables and Registers Officer | Since June 2018

This job requires close relationship with curriculum staff including training and induction. Looked after timetables, registers and enrolments for the Newton Rigg, Middlesbrough and Newcastle centres. Provided services using CELCAT, QL, Promonitor, SQL Reporting Services and Microsoft Office 365.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensure optimum usage of campus facilities by lecturing staff and learners.
  • Support curriculum staff with completion of registers.
  • Participate in planning meetings for curriculum delivery.
  • Induct, train and provide ongoing support to staff on the use of CELCAT software.
  • Produce reports including timetable and registers data, staff and resources utilisation.

Key achievements/projects

  • Developed a front-end interface using web languages such as JavaScript, CSS and plain HTML to facilitate the access to timetables by College staff.
  • During COVID isolation supported staff with completing and planning timetables for the following year

May 2015 - October 2019 | West Sussex County Council

Therapeutic Foster Carer (Level 2)

I dedicated this period to fostering children as a primary carer. Participated in various training sessions provided by West Sussex relating to caring for young people. Volunteered in the local family centre and for a separate council project providing respite care for families with autistic children.

June 2013 - June 2018 | Apps for People Limited

Director and Founder

Developed an iOS app with Objective-C for a music company in London (Global Wave Studio – and an independent app aimed for children (Luca and Lulu Sing Along). Provided IT consultancy to the advertisement company Homebrew London (Macs and Google G Suite).

February 2013 - June 2013 | Freelance Designer

Developed an online shop for an art gallery (Godê Galeria - with Magento and a website with custom CMS for a casting agency (ADD Casting - developed in Ruby on Rails in Heroku and database stored in ClearDB. Both websites are still active, still running my code and design. I still support these clients as needed.

March 2010 - February 2013 | Media Arts Lab

IT Specialist

MAL is part of a larger group called TBWA. They looked after the Apple account and other large accounts based in California. I have provided IT support for the creatives and other admin departments.

As a side project I developed a sign in system used at the reception of the London and L.A. offices which kept visitor information and tracked NDAs. This system was developed in Ruby on Rails and used a MySQL database. During that time I was sent to L.A. where I received Ruby on Rails training with Big Nerd Ranch.

June 2008 - March 2010 | Apple Retail


I started working for Apple Retail during iPhone 3 release. I worked initially as a part time specialist selling computers and portable devices. A few months later I was invited to go through the Mac Technical training and after passing all the tests I started working as a full-time Genius. I provided technical support to customers on the shop floor and also worked back of the house repairing computers and portable devices.

2007 - 2009 - Freelance Designer

I moved from São Paulo to London in May 2007 and started working as a trainee designer in Michael Anastassiades studio where I have explored design ideas and provided technical drawings to be sent to the various factories which produced the pieces.

Two months later I have started freelancing for a small furniture company – Mango Furniture – developing product ideas, printed artworks and their website.

Prior 2007

Back in Brazil I worked for the first and largest internet provider UOL delivering technical support via their call centre. I also worked for a design company Creative Design as a product and graphic designer.

Education and Qualifications

Key Skills

  • Fluent in English, Portuguese and intermediate in Spanish

  • Knowledge of front end and back end development encompassing the use of Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other tools.

  • Active user of graphic design software such as Canva, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects) and Cinema 4D.